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Water Quality Tested

  • A sample of raw water is taken from the screening chamber to analyse pH, turbidity and ajar test etc.
  • The results are recorded in the water quality analysis form. Another sample is taken from the sedimentation tank for pH value change due to use of aluminium sulphate (coagulant) which is acidic in nature.
  • Another sample is taken from the storage tanks to analyse for turbidity, pH and residual chlorine levels.
  • Other samples for physio-chemical and bacteriological analysis are taken at random within the distribution system.The results are recorded at physio-chemical and bacteriological forms.
  • At a minimum the sampling is done on daily and weekly basis. The company subjects water analysis tests to an accredited independent laboratory for validation on quarterly basis.
  • The laboratory technologists determines the extent and frequency of in-process inspection / testing based on the control methods applied , the weather condition(whether dry or rainy), and previous test results.

 Final Inspection and Test

  •  For acceptance of treated water, final inspection /testing is utilised. This includes verification of satisfactory receiving and  in-process inspection /tests,as well as completion of the remaining inspections/tests to assure that the treated water conform to specified requirements.
  • Products are not released, and processes are not approved until all inspection/test activities have been satisfactorily completed and the appropriate documentation is available and authorised. All final inspections are logged in the final inspection log. On critical parts and components,as determined by the Quality manager, a final inspection /Test &Audit report is completed.

   Post Delivery Testing

  • A layout inspection and functional test is performed to applicable customer engineering specifications and performance standards for each product as specified in the control plans.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the Quality Manager determines the number of items to be evaluated.Inspection personnel record all results on the layout inspection and functional testing report form;identify the inspected items with numbers corresponding to the number of samples for audit and approval.
  • The Quality Manager performs an audit of the samples and records all findings on the layout inspection and functional testing report. All results are available for customer review.

Inspection and Test Records

  • Inspection/test records, which show clearly whether the product/process has passed or failed the defined acceptance criteria, are established and maintained.