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To connect water for the first time you need the following



  • ID photocopy
  • PIN No photocopy,
  • Plot Number,
  • Postal Address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Filling and Signing Water & Sewerage Services Agreement Form
  • Connection Fee Kshs. 5,000
  • Water Deposit fee
  • Purchase of connection pipes




Steps on how to get:

A new connection

  • Upon site visit/ customer advice from the in charge of new connection customer shall make application for  new water connection by filling in the new water connection application form.
  • Upon payment the in charge of new connection shall recommend approval of connection. Commercial Manager shall verify payment and recommend approval and authorisation of connection.
  • The Commercial   Manager shall authorise connection.
  • The person in charge of new connection shall deploy an artisan to execute the works by physically installing the meter, give the customer the account number and bring back to office details of the connection.
  • The revenue officer shall open the account and forward the details to the Audit department.
  • The Auditor verifies the payments, accounts and the meter number.
  • The Auditor forwards the details to the Billing Office for recording and activation  of the accounts.


  • The customer shall clear the entire pending bill and upon paying a re-connection fee, issued with a re-connection form and takes it to the customer care desk for filling and registering as per company’s requirement.
  • A copy of the daily meter reading forms is submitted to the Disconnection Officer for disconnection and re-connection monitoring.
  • The Disconnection Officer orders for re-connection of the customer after verification of payment.
  • The artisans are required to submit reports on daily disconnected and reconnected accounts to the Disconnection Officer.
  • The Disconnection Officer ensures that all customers who have not paid their water bills are disconnected and reconnected in good time.

Potable Water

Thika Water provides safe water for drinking and for other uses.